Christmas Day Lights

Christmas Day shots at Nakanoshima, Osaka.

There was a lovely display of simple Christmas illuminations on this island flanked by two canals that run in the centre of Osaka. Throngs of people meandered up and down the paths, enjoying the collection of lights and the unseasonably warm weather.

A spirited light show on the sides of a government building was beautifully matched with classical music.

When the light show was over, everyone whipped out their cellphones to take a picture, inadvertently making their own light show!

A massive Christmas tree stood in front of nearby City Hall, a gift from the city of Droibak, Norway, dubbed “The World Linking Tree.” The green sign in front explains: “The trees from Norway, placed in totally different parts of the world will be shining the message of ‘Love, Peace, and Friendship’…. We can all understand the beautiful message the trees stand for, even if our nationality, race, religion and language are different. We can understand each other when we look at the heart-warming, brilliantly lit trees. This is a truly international effort as heart-warming as the spirit of Christmas all over the world…”

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