Otsu Fireworks

Otsu, a small city on the southern side of Lake Biwa and a short train ride from Kyoto, hosts one of the best hanabi matsuri (firework festivals) in the Kansai area. Despite having far less fireworks than the big Tenjimbashi festival in Osaka, the fact that they explode over open water with no tall buildings nearby means that you and the other thousands of spectators can enjoy expansive unobstructed views. This is especially good for photographers.

I arrived two hours early to get a good spot on the bank, reading a book as the sky reddened and then darkened before the fireworks began. I used a small manfrotto tripod, no taller than 30cm, propped up on the water’s edge. Thankfully, the cute little girl who sat beside me didn’t kick it into the water.

See more pictures of “Fireworks” at my an-fi photo gallery.

See more fireworks pictures at my an-fi photo gallery.

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