A Dip in the Gulf of Oman


Two days ago I went on a day-trip to Fujairah for some snorkelling with my beat-up, half-functional Canon G11, for which I had a waterproof case. Also joining me in the waters of the Gulf of Oman were the Lumix GX7 and 14-42 zoom lens–without a waterproof case.

So they are a write-off. At first I was gutted about the mishap, but now I take the experience as a lesson in material non-attachment. Trouble is, I do feel I need a proper camera to help me continue on this journey.

The day of snorkelling at the sites of Dibba Rock and Sharm Rock was otherwise unremarkable. The water was mirky with low visibility, and I had to shoot blind because the reticulated screen of my G11 does not work when folded in. Nonetheless, I was content to see heaps of colourful fish, some sharks (including a massive one), and some turtles. I was able to get some snaps although they are rather poor.

Upon returning to Dubai I went to Dubai Mall and acquired the GX8 (body only; I have a 20mm to use with it). That should mean instant noodles for lunch for quite some time.





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