Walk and Wonder


This is what I felt like these last two weeks while I was abroad.

I’ve only just returned home to Japan after conferences in the Emirates and Greece, where I spent most of my free time doing street photography.

It was thoroughly exciting to walk the streets with camera in hand and embrace the role of quiet observer, dipping in and out of ‘the zone’ as I witnessed so much—and managed to capture a bit—of the spectrum that is humanity. And then to wonder about it all.

But I can’t help recalling with a chuckle that there were so many shots that I missed, whether it was from bad timing, location, focus, or other circumstances, and wonder if only I could have one more try!

However, even though I missed many ‘decisive moments’, I still witnessed a range of poetic incidents to keep me charged; like the loud but graceful interaction of vendors and customers at a fish market, the lively atmosphere of a cafe where the fluidity of smoke juxtaposed with the stems and housing tubes of water pipes; or the knowing glance from a little girl who held her father’s hand while following him down the street, and that amazing triangulation of a boy picking up an orange that a statue was pointing at while his parents looked on.

Those images are in my head as never-forget memories, but the ones in pixel form I look forward to sharing in due time, as I walk and wonder a bit here in Osaka, as well.


    1. That’s kind of you. Thank you. I’m recently interested in how there’s often a narrative behind a photo that can make it more personal or appealing (or vice versa). I’ve come across many good exapmlies recently on blogs, including yours. There’s something to be said about just letting a photo speak for itself, but some added text is a nice variation too.

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