Basic Athens

Twelve simple shots–mostly minimal–to evoke the simplest of impressions.
Which one appeals to you the most (if any)?

























  1. Beauty in simplicity… The one that appeals the most to me is number 6… Which is simple but not trivial, just enough elements in play.. Not too many, not too little

    1. Thanks for replying, Constantino. Interesting! As for 6, I sometimes shoot static things like that, where the objects keep my eyes circling around without stopping because there are several anchors in the composition, none of which is dominant. I like that, but I’ve wondered about what other people feel about such a composition. I suspect this might not be everybody’s cup of tea… Cheers.

    1. Thanks for replying. Ok, 7 has a vote. Yes, that’s a lovely green and it was what appealed to me first. It happens to be the stairwell of the hotel where I was staying.

    1. Timothy, thanks. I like that one too because of the colours and the metaphor it represented to me. (Greece is like a half finished renovation: the infrastructure is laid bare and exposed without sign of completion, but even in this state there is charm and beauty).

    1. Thanks for your reply. Eight years in Greece/Cyprus–that must have been a real treat…. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s choices. I really like 1 too. 8 is my second choice. Cheers!

  2. Glad to asked us—I love reading the variety of impressions! The first image evokes the most response in me—seeing how the wind waves the fluidity in the flag . . . knowing that it is only by camera’s “engineering” that everything—even the blue sky itself—is seen as architecturally solid as the building.

    1. Thank you very much. It’s interesting to read what you noted. I’ve come to like the first one as well, for the shifting lines on the flag as well as the flag’s fluid movement towards to the left which contrasts with the building roof’s horizontal ‘movement’ to the right.

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