I have been reminded not to jump to conclusions based on a person’s looks. As the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover—nor a scene without all the information.

Here is a young man I spotted wearing street-smart clothes, with a hairstyle to match, standing on the steps of a Greek Orthodox church. He was holding something in his right hand but it was hidden from view. With the close-cropped hair, hoodie, pose, and a little bit of imagination, one could suppose that he was about to torch the place. Or instead of a molotov cocktail in his hand, it could be a weapon and he was preparing for a go at someone.

But it was neither. He was just finishing off some bread and taking his time about it. After gulping the last piece down, he entered the church while making the sign of the cross. He then kissed the feet on an icon of Jesus and another saint, and after a short prayer, exited by walking backwards through the narthex while crossing himself three times. The evidently pious young man then disappeared, destination unknown, somewhere in Athens.


  1. Such a true statement, “Don’t judge….”
    I like the distortion in this image. It draws your attention to the door but is broken appropriately by the man you’ve describe well.

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