Spinning Top Seller


Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (March 2013).

This boy stayed in my mind long after the picture was taken. I wondered why he wasn’t in school, why it was a spinning top that he was trying to sell, and why he was doing it with so much fervour. I wondered what else was going on in his life, and I wonder (three years later) where he is now. It makes me underscore that taking a picture on the streets can be so much more than capturing an image. You’re making a real connection with the world at large, discovering yourself as well as a deeper identity of all of us and, later on when looking back at your picture, you reflect on the important emotions and ideas connected to the incident conjured by that image–emotions and ideas that otherwise would have been forgotten and lost.


  1. Memorable photo. Two older men frame young boy nicely, and his open palm is almost reaching and pulling the viewer in. I agree with you regarding the street photography. The images of people I make stay in my mind forever and I often think about those people even if I do not know their names. I wonder what they are doing now.

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