300 Posts… 30 Inspiring photos… Part I

For my 300th blog post I am marking the occasion by sharing a selection of 30 inspiring images from other WordPress bloggers.

I hope you enjoy them, and perhaps you can find a new blog to follow…

Images were selected by examining my ‘likes’ over the last two months. I chose the ones that really appealed to me and then assigned them to 4 categories:

  • Natural World
  • Street Photography
  • Urban
  • Other

The selected images are rendered as medium-size thumbnails rather than at full size, and are in no particular order. Each has a link to the original post (click on the picture or the title). Also included in a brief comment is a link to the blogger’s home page. To read more about selection criteria, copyright, etc., click here.

(This is the first of 3 instalments–also see Part II and Part III)


Part I

Natural World


Iris Abstract
Lovely muted colours merge into each other in this macro shot. The delicacy and interplay of texture with colour are great examples of the flower images at KAREN PEZZIMENTI PHOTOGRAPHY | Fine Art Flower Photography.



A River of Clouds
This is a wonderfully impressionistic photo, and it is indicative of the fine images of nature–all taken on an iPhone, I believe–which are typically accompanied by reflective text or verse at A Floating Speck.



This image works well for its processed greens, giving it an otherworldy air. Also nice are the shadow areas and the curve of the ivy contrasting with the bark’s vertical edge. Works such as this one often come with text by the photographer at Heather James Photography.


Street Photography


Lift Legs
Colour, lines, squares, and a bit of flesh interact in this delightful shot from Mindful Photos, a blog which focuses on street, travel, and people photography, with pictures accompanied by insightful notes from the photographer.



Evident in this candid shot are the instinctive framing, compositional, and observational skills by a photographer with a large body of interesting street photography at Raw Streets.



Postcards from Rome ~ Italian Elegance
Wonderfully captured is the elegance of a Roman man caught in a display of muted hues, lines, and poise by photography instructor Valérie Jardin, who has a WordPress blog at valeriejardin.wordpress.com.




An interesting composition with careful attention to lines and space, the title says it all as the building and small bell are cut into parts of the bigger, unseen whole. Other intruiging images of varying genres can be found at pelly * made.



Here is another appealing photograph for its simple but appropriate framing. Also notable is the contrast of red with a palette of white and grey from the blog Reymon de Real Photography.



Vermell Vermut
An engaging interaction of shapes, lines, and colour comprise this urban scene by the photographer of El Diletant Perplex | Fotoblog.




The Hunch
The eye candy in this composite image is amazing. Meaning and interpretation are left wide open for you. It is a particularly good example of the collection of images at Lemanshots-Fine Pictures and Digital Art.



Naturally, selecting creative stuff is a subjective process. I chose images which appealed to me on a personal level. Only pictures from WordPress blogs that I curently follow were considered. (There must be heaps of great images on WP blogs that are unknown to me, and I imagine that I probably missed notable shots even in the blogs I follow).

Images are shown here independent of context, so I encourage viewers to follow the link to the original post for the complete experience and to learn more.

These thumbnails are just screenshots–images were not downloaded and later resized; i.e., I did not go into anyone’s photo collection by downloading original files.

While permission was sought for all 30 photographs, a few of my requests went unreplied. Of these, I included the photograph only where I deduced that the photograher would probably not mind it being shared. (If the blogger had sharing buttons displayed and if there was no note indicating permission was needed or all rights were reserved, I included the picture). Naturally, I attributed all the bloggers and linked back to the original post.

A comment box is included below, but I am not seeking attention for myself–I prefer comments to be about the images themselves. Note that it might be more appropriate to comment on the original page by following the link.

Part I | Part II | Part III


  1. Many thanks Angel for including my photo to your post and for introducing to us other inspiring bloggers. Happy anniversary and I am looking forward to the other parts of your post 🙂

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