300 Posts… 30 Inspiring photos… Part II

Continuing from my last post (Part I), here follows the second batch of ‘inspiring photos’ I have chosen from WordPress bloggers that I follow. As in Post 1, the pictures are grouped into four categories:

  • Natural World
  • Street Photography
  • Urban
  • Other

To read about selection criteria, copyright, etc., click here.


Part II

Natural World


Leaves in the Rain
Sometimes simple is strong. Here there are diagonals, circles, and a primary colour offset by dark and light hues. Nature and urban are just a few of the themes explored at Lydia HP.



Ants and Some Comments on Depth of Field
Colour and detail are in this composition illustrating how shallow depth of field can be used for framing. Clear nature photographs like this one come with great tips at Victor Rakmil Photography.



Street Photography


The Curve in the Straights
This shot full of lines makes it more than just a street photograph. Such is the attention to detail and framing by the black and white photographer of Les & More.



Knowing the rules in order to break them is what is going on here. Deliberately anchored in the centre is a vertical red line in a well-timed shot, and the result is an amusing instant captured by the inappropriatley named blogger Iambadphotographer.



San Pedro La Laguna Friends
A nicely composed play of rectangles with a set of diagonals serve to highlight a child’s smile in this lovely, warm shot. Other colourful, warm imagery can be found at the blog of photographer Pat Callahan.




This shot has interesting tones and a mildly minimal touch. Other interesting compositions of both urban and natural subjects are at sanslartigue | The silent camera, which is home for this photographer.



Here is an interesting set of verticals and horizontals. The shot is divided in half by the central vertical, and the right part is further divided into several rectangles. Featured on the left is a newspaper lit in white. This and other intriguing black and white images are common at Simonet.




This is a fun shot with beautiful white swirls in pitch black made from an exposure on bulb setting. It is from Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Exactly? I don’t know.



Title: WPC: Abstract
At work here is control of lines, light, and shadow. It’s impossible to know what the subject really is (disclosure on original post), but it’s enticing to explore with the eyes. It is from Roland’s Photo Blog.


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    1. First thank you very much for including my photo in this great collection of images. Most importantly, I am really delighted with your extremely insightful commentary on each image. Even if I never saw any of your photos, only by your analysis of other photographers work I could conclude that you have excellent knowledge of composition and photography techniques. Well done!

      1. That’s kind of you to say. I thought I would give it a try. I’ve always been curious about why photographs can be particularly appealing and wanted to know how to give an objective explanation about them, or at least the kind that appeal to me. But of course I end up with my own style in mind–I think a lot about lines and shapes within the frame, probably to a fault/distraction…. Anyway, cheers.

    1. I wish I had discovered your blog earlier as I would have included one of yours! You have some lovely pics–I especially like the ‘Hotel Room’

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