300 posts… 30 Inspiring Shots… Part III

Rounding off my ’30 inspiring shots’ project is this last installment of 8–not 10 because I couldn’t get a hold of enough– images from WordPress bloggers which I follow. (Go to Part I first to see what this is all about, or go to Part II to catch up on what you missed). As in the first two posts, pictures were sorted into four categories:

  • Natural World
  • Street Photography
  • Urban
  • Other

To read about selection criteria, copyright, etc., click here.


Part III

Natural World


Pink This, Fuscia
Enchangtingly soft colours are layered here with flower buds as focus points within a square frame. Other intriguing pictures with commentary are at Sabiscuit’s Catalog.



Japanese Maple Abstract 1
An interesting introduction to fractal geometry and the Fibonacci Sequence accompany this great shot of a Japanese maple tree with lovely blacks, whites and spots of reds at C.S. Young Jr. Fine Art Photography.


Street Photography


Liverpool, March 2016
Notable at Streets of Liverpool is not only a great array of street photography but also the lack of accompanying text, leaving it up to the viewer to enjoy and work out each shot (varying from the dramatic to the banal) on their own.



o.T. II (Reprise)
Here is an example of how timing (or anticipation)–in tandem with quick, sharp observation–can highlight a connection between people and their surroundings. This one is by 125tel | Fotogalerie.



Viewing street photographs can be a reward in itself, as this picture by Yuri Rasin Photography demonstrates with a title that hints at what to look for.



The gifted travel writer at Are We There Yet? combines wit, history, keen observation, and some interesting photography for a great reading experience. Demonstrating this is the picture above with a fabulous travelogue about visiting Budapest.




Shadow-Rare UK Siting
Here is a great example of the strict minimalism and abstract photography on show at stu ARTphoto, featuring typically amazing compositions of lines, shapes, and colourful space.




Being in the Picture
From monadee.photography is this multilayered shot that is both a self-portrait and a picture–or, several pictures–within a picture. Look at all the rectangles (frames) and the position of the photographer’s eyes in relation to some of them.


To wrap up, I hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of 30 27 pictures and found them to be a source of inspiration like I have. Thanks to all the photographers (three of whom I didn’t hear from after asking permission to use their photographs–I included them anyway because it appeared to me they wouldn’t mind them being shared!). And special thanks to you for visiting this page.

Part I | Part II | Part III


  1. Thank you very much for featuring my image, and for your very kind words! Also, thank you for sharing all the other wonderful images. Congratulations on 300 post!

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