1. Woman posing in the background; smiling woman in the foreground: great composition. It has a hint of surrealism. You’re good and fast with the shutter. I would have missed the entire story.

    1. That’s kind of you to comment. Thank you. I’m currently attempting multiple-subject shots. As usual, a bit of serendipity is key. I first framed on the tourists in the back, and was aware of the woman in the foreground approaching so timed the shutter release for her. But then the cyclist zoomed in too, and fired with a Hail Mary to get him as well. A surrealist look is just what I wanted, but I wish there was more of a narrative… Thanks again.

      1. Please don’t be hard on yourself. I loved this photo!! I could see the movement slow down as opposed to frozen still. That’s tremendously difficult. I admire your skill.

  2. I echo Sabiscuit’s comment, it’s really a nice composition. On a slightly more personal note, I sympathise with the Westerner bloke on the bike: I, too, struggled to find one bike that was big enough to be my size!

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