1. It’s always good to hear about affirmative aqua. By the way, where are you on this planet? By my reckoning, we ought to have met by now….

      2. Ah. Good. Indeed, I thought that was you that I meandered by just a minute ago. There was a quick glance, a lock, a faint hint of recognition, stinging nostalgia a la Márquez, then nothingness. Yet, a tinge of ephemeral union lingered as pink elephants floated by.

  1. Good shot Angel! few layers, everybody looks in different directions. My only issue is thats its a bit overexposed on the left.. well done!

      1. yea, sorry, i’m a bad critique, i meant on the right of course. i would like to give a constructive comment rather than just saying – “nice one” or “great shot”, and i ask you to do the same on my images Angel. its the only way to learn and get better, otherwise everyone will flood everybody with compliments 🙂

      2. yes, i try to post less and only pics that i find are worth posting. i post in big chunks thou like monthly picks or photo essays. anyways, i’m far from being a good critic but i think getting a good constructive comment from a person you respect is worth more than 10000 likes from someone… cheers Angel, have a good one, oh and if you’d like to choose Monday Master -please go ahead!

      3. Yes, good thoughts there. I’ve been wondering myself whether I should stop doing daily drips and instead do weekly drips with more (attempted) bang. But lots of swirling emotions at the moment…. The more I look at other people’s (masters’) work, the more uncertain I get about my own stuff. Crap is it not…? This explains why I post only after a drink or two, ha ha…. Well, I’d love to pick the next Monday master. I’ll suggest someone within 24 hours. Cheers. EngagĂ©.

    1. It’s interesting that for the first time I am seeing this and other images on my office computer (not on my HD display at home) and the highlights in the hand and neck do look completely blown. On my home computer they are not like that-Just a small area is clipped, and that is acceptable/appropriate in my opinion. Here on my office computer’s display there are two large areas that are clipped… Interesting and troubling… I’ll have to look into this.

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