VR 18-200mm Test Run

A quick test run today of the Nikon D80 and VR 18-200 lens. All shots were taken near Osaka dome. The settings were as follows:

ISO: 100 / Mode: program / WB: Sunny / Filter: none / Size: L Fine

Final shots were edited in Gimp for auto white balance and scaled to smaller sizes.

Series 1

18mm 1/250 f8.0

24mm 1/320 f9.0

35mm 1/250 f4.1

50mm 1/250 f8.0

70mm 1/500 f5.6

130mm 1/500 f5.6

200mm 1/500 f5.6

Series 2

18mm 1/320 f3.6

24mm 1/320 f9.0

35mm 1/320 f9.0

50mm 1/320 f4.5

70mm 1/500 f5.6

135mm 1/800 f5.6

200mm 1/800 f5.6

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